Article by: Fiorella Nicotera

Source: Il Sancarlone: il Magazine dei Laghi

STRESA – Business control and management activities, commercial, marketing, fashion, prestigious real estate brokerage, and restyling activities are united in a single and unique format called Victoria Luxury. Since September 2021, Victoria Luxury is primarily a dynamic e-commerce born after years of experience in fashion design. For men and women, the brand offers products from the best brands at the best price, as promised by Guerrina Lupo, founder and CEO of Victoria Luxury.

The brand is also a store in the historic center of Stresa, ready to offer the public multiple brands of Italian and international fashion. Without ever neglecting the details of seriousness, professionalism, and Made in Italy, in addition to private collections under the Private Label brand.

According to Victoria Luxury Milano, fashion is a statement in every respect, made accessible to every need, but above all, a lifestyle capable of satisfying every type of request, even that of the “most demanding” customer.

The Luxury E-commerce

E-commerce is just one aspect of this extensive activity that I have been carrying out for years,” says owner Guerrina Lupo. “Thanks to many years of experience in the fashion sector, I have made Victoria Luxury the flagship of my company, formerly Corso Como Cinque Milano and Country Manager Italy of International Brands that no longer deals only with fashion but also with interior design. We can say that I have made sure to combine all these experiences (business control and management, commercial, marketing, and fashion) to give life to this great reality.”

Victoria Luxury also deals with the restyling of private residences, tourism-related activities, and prestigious real estate brokerage with high relevance throughout the territory. Victoria Luxury is also a distributor of multiple collections, and it has also ventured into e-commerce during the pandemic period that we have all experienced.

Victoria Luxury as an e-commerce was born four years ago, thanks to the synthesis of experiences gained at the national and international levels in this sector and the ability to gather many players in this segment, especially in Italy. The relationship between what is sold and the number of items available is a trend that is always growing; “I am proud of the fact that there is a daily and weekly rotation of items and a remarkable speed, where the presence of 20,000 items per day allows consumers to choose from a wide range of items and prices that cannot fail to catch the consumer’s interest.

As conceived today, the strengths of Victoria Luxury are undoubtedly the certain sources of the product because the authenticity of the product itself and the best performance between quality and price, in addition to availability on the market, are fundamental elements for this company. This has been my winning formula.

“From a company of this size, I then fell in love with the city of Stresa and decided to open this business also on Lake Maggiore. I had the intuition that high-level products were missing here and that could enhance Made in Italy: “My love for Stresa also comes thanks to my daughter Vittoria. Stresa has become a paradise for us, and therefore I wanted to create this reality here, and not elsewhere, investing in this great marketing experience. The major investors have given a high-end perspective for this showcase of Lake Maggiore, so I expect a very bright future for Stresa. It is not always obvious, in fact, that quality, no matter how high it may be, can “sell itself.”

Much also falls on the sphere of communication and marketing, albeit with different nuances. The game during the sale is mainly led by the seller, by his ability to highlight the right characteristics of the item and, above all, to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the customer. My mission is the selection of products from national and international artisan designers and to brand them “Victoria Luxury,” giving them commercial strength and marketing and sustainability.

Victoria Luxury also boasts significant local sponsorships: it has a sales showcase at the Grand Hotel Dino of the Zacchera Hotel group, at the Hotel Bristol, and at the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees, a partnership with Stresa Calcio, as well as with Vela Libera Verbano and Vela Viva 15, always on Lake Maggiore, of which it is the sponsor of each.

To the question “How do you see yourself in ten years?” Guerrina Lupo has no hesitation: “Thanks to competence and the ability to keep updated, especially in the field of design and fashion, I will try to bring every innovation, riding the novelties that the sector offers over the years, with a view to sustainability.”

Always evolving

My will is also to expand the presence of more men’s items, opening a new point of sale and proposing a “total look” also for the male gender. I would absolutely like to involve talented young people from the area in my project, also through the use of social channels and internships within the store. The intention is to replicate this format in some foreign location, although Stresa is already giving us great satisfaction.

Guerrina believes in and invests in Made in Italy: “I aim to be a 1000% ambassador and supporter of Made Italy, using Italian creativity and excellence. I select Made in Italy products without neglecting international ones to support creatives, artisans, and excellences, adding the “Victoria Luxury” brand and giving them greater commercial and marketing strength.